Oriental Rug Cleaning | Ann Arbor| Ypsilanti | Michigan

Oriental rug cleaning Ann Arbor Michigan In our rug cleaning facility, certified rug cleaners carefully wash each rug, to moisturize, rejuvenate and revive the wool. We use the safest and most thorough rug cleaning methods for your fine rugs. We treat your rug right!

Oriental and hand woven rugs must be hand cleaned, or their value may be diminished or even ruined. Valuable rugs are damaged everyday by untrained cleaners. To protect your investment, please call your Mentor area rug cleaning expert.

Treat your rug to the very best in rug cleaning and care.

Oriental Rug Cleaning | Ann Arbor| Ypsilanti

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Rug Dusting – Our powerful yet gentle rug dusting process removes deeply embedded soils and abrasive dirt, sand and grit hiding in your expensive rug

Rug Cleaning – After dusting, the rugs are cleaned with the most effective method recommended for your rug. Treat your rugs to our Rug Spa

Fiber Protector – Fiber protector to optimize your vacuums efficiency, resist spills, make future cleanings more effective and extend the rugs life.

Guaranteed Protective Finish – The worlds strongest fiber protector along with the worlds strongest guarantee. Your rug will remain free from spots or spills for 6 months or we will re-clean it completely free of charge. We highly recommend it!